BE MISSION: Inspiring and Engaging to understand and protect our Earth through Art, Science and Indigenous Perspective

  • Kenji WilliamsKenji Williams performs BELLA GAIA Live
  • Student PerformanceOnondaga Nation School students performing hands-on water
    density experiments at the MOST Museum, Syracuse, NY
  • Jim Rock Earth HeartJim Rock Earth Heart Beat Science on a Sphere (SOS)
  • AudienceInvited Children
  • Dr. Thorsten Markus Dr. Thorsten Markus, NASA ICESat-2 Project Scientist, discusses science of the Earth.
  • Children at our Show Children at a Show
  • Kenji Williams Kenji Williams performs BELLA GAIA Live
  • "Hands-On" Water Experiments Students at the Goddard Visitor Center performing "hands-on" water experiments.


Beautiful Earth is a unique education experience for people of all ages that combines live music, a multi-media presentation of NASA visualizations and timelapses, NASA scientist and Native American perspectives of the Earth, and hands-on workshops at 5 partner museums across the U.S.

Based on the success of BELLA GAIA, the program illuminates the connections between natural systems and human activities to inspire audiences to act as stewards for our shared resources and stimulate greater interest in STEM and NASA careers, and NASA Earth Science Missions.



Our PartnersPartners 

The Beautiful Earth program is supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under Grant No. NNX11AH30G issued through the Science Mission Directorate’s Education and Public Outreach for Earth and Space Science (EPOESS) program.